Our background

We started our operation back in 2004, with the development of core banking technology, named ITGF, targeting the financial sector. ITGF is a complete software solution focus on financial institutions in Paraguay and over the time it became the most widely used core banking software in the local market.

Over the years, we reinvent ourselves leveraged in our vast experience in software development and business knowledge to became in a more widely technology company whose is focused on innovation. Our current business approach is:

- Specialize in development of propietary software for financial and commercial companies

- Enable third-party software with comprehensive local support

Our mission

Generate impact and transform our clients´ business throughout technology innovation.

Our vision

We dream on being a leader in technology innovation with global reach, providing world-class solutions that generates truly impact in our clients´ business.

Our values

Generate Impact

We put ourselves in our clients shoes in order to understand how we help them to achieve or exceed their business objectives, either boosting or transforming their business throughout technology.

Make it simple

We focus on what matters most, in what add real value to our client´s business.

Think big

We believe in our ability to achieve greater goals. We understand that we have no limitations and that we are able to accompany our clients to achieve their dreams.

Improve with each step

We do what we do by the strong conviction that everything can be improved, that encourage us to overcome ourselves constantly.

Strategic Partners

Our main platforms